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We at Bay Valves are proud to presents the latest generation state of the art equipment – Controlling Flow and Flames™

In the following we will introduce ourselves and our product range as well as briefly up-date you on the latest changes to the rules and regulations within High velocity valve (P-V Valves) design etc.

Manufacturer of cargo tank ventilation equipment

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BAY Valves is located in Nyborg – Denmark, close to the place of the invention of the High Velocity valve in the year 1971. The area has since then established itself as an expert community and knowledge center within Cargo tank ventilation – Especially within the specific field of High velocity valves and P-V valves.

At Bay Valves, a continuously growing group of highly skilled engineers with extensive knowledge within Fluid Dynamic i.e. High Velocity valves and P-V Valves are continuously striving for excellence – Improving on safety and functionality.



2007: high velocity valves

In 2006, we began our journey towards our present position as one of the leading manufacturer of High velocity valves and P-V Valves when we developed our patented Hi Jet ISO II High velocity valve, and broke the “de facto” monopoly in Europe which had caused a standstill in innovation and, even worse, led to the delusion that valve Hammering were unavoidable. Time has proven this to be just another devastating side effect of said monopoly.

2010: gas group IIB approved flame screens

In 2010 we introduced the first Gas group IIB approved flame screens which has now completely replaced the old type flame filters that featured high price and even worse extremely high pressure drop which were putting strains on tanker owners budget and at the same time putting strains on vessels efficiency by reducing allowed loading rates

2011: end of line deflagration arrester

In 2011 we developed the biggest end of line deflagration arrester in the market. A vessel designer were looking for a DN 600 flame arrester which at that time were no where found. A meeting were set up and a delivery time of 12 weeks were agreed upon during which the arrester were designed, manufactured, tested and certified.

2012: portable test equipment

In 2012 the 1st version of the very popular portable test box and adapter plate were developed. Being able to test valve on-site has been a game changer in the way – and not least the frequency in which valve are tested and thus directly improving on the safety related to the most important safety valve on tankers.


In 2014, we developed the AIRVENT according to the 2014 amendment of IACS UR P3

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