Certificates – do they matter?

Certificates – do they matter?

In our field of business – Marine, there is a tendency to neglect the relevance of having the right certificates and we more than occasionally hear Marine professionals state – As long as they hold certificate – any, I don’t care!  – But should he?

For the last 18 months, we have been going through the ISO 9001:2008 certification process for our production sites in Denmark and Nantong, China, and even though the journey has been demanding and sometimes a challenge to run in parallel with the day to day routines, the whole organization has learned and grown in the process. We now see the procedures having a positive impact on our efficiency and thus directly on our manufacturing cost and competitiveness against competitors whom do not have the same overhead cost to product development and certification as we have. Our suppliers are being evaluated and receives feed-back which also improves on their overall performance – and last but not least, the quality on documentation also has a positive impact on our costumer’s workflow and consequently their performance.

Our Technical manager and Quality manager has been working closely together with LRQA through the process and even with their previous experience they have had a steep learning curve which will benefit them in the years to come – So, is it worthwhile and does certificate matter? – definitely! and should the Managers care? – what do you think? Please leave your comment.

P.s. Congratulations and thanks to both Jesper and Farooq and to LRQA for challenging us

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