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Have you ever wondered why P-V valves are supposed to be non-hammering?

Please contact our CEO, Mr. Søren Bay Jensen for a thoroughly explanation and real life consequence of supposedly! “non-hammering” valves,

the root cause and some valve manufacturers track history.

IMO MSC Circ. 677 states –


In the case of high velocity vents, the possibility of inadvertent detrimental hammering* leading to damage and/or failure should be considered with a view to eliminating it.

and – Hammering” is rapid full stroke opening/closing, not intended by the manufacturer during normal operations – UN-QUOTE.

Has some manufacturer taken advantage of this vague wording?

media-isometric-tanker-on-fire Media Media media isometric tanker on fire


Bay Valves Hi Jet ISO II – the 1st IIB fire test approval back in 2009.

The steady movements is the signature of the HI Jet Series


As a consequence of an appeal in the Danish Magazine – The Engineer, Bay Valves decided to hire an engineer (only in Danish)

Appel til ingeniører i job Skaf arbejde til udsatte fagfæller -Bay Valves case

You can also read the article on the web of IAK – just click below



In 2008 Bay Valves was participating in the SMM Marine exhibition in Hamburg (only in Danish)

Bay Valves – Første gang på SMM