Brief description of High velocity valves

The advantage of the High Velocity valves HI Jet ISO II is that it is absolutely non-hammering and performs opening and closing according to the international fire testing standard EN 12874 and the latest amendment to ISO 15364:2007 which both requires a maximum of 0,5 hz  – Equal to a 2 seconds cycle from the valve is closed to open and closed again.

Furthermore the High Velocity valves been simultaneously tested to the European standard EN 12874 and IMO MSC/Circ.677 including MSC.1/Circ.1324 gas group IIB (MESG 0,5 for chemicals) at the independent German Notified body (Wheel-mark approved) Institut Für Sicherheitstechnik – IBExU.

Shipment of High velocity valves in AISI 316 MESG 0,65 for Chemical tankers
Data sheet on Hi Jet ISO II: 90001
Certificate:DNV MED-B-7842
3D drawing:70000 Hi Jet ISO II, assembled Rev01, 70090

Being involved in, or even responsible for the optimization of the NB’ and ultimately the cargo operation of the vessel, You have probably considered the P-V valve characteristic and thus most likely you have listed some of the key requirements:

Safety first characteristic i.e. no pressure surge after opening
High closing pressure to minimize cargo boil off
Minimize VOC loss during voyage

And perhaps even more below?

High-end features in brief

  • Mini slip technology” secures close to zero VOC loss during breathing/voyage
  •  Adjustable setting
  •  Integrated gas freeing cover.
  • housing – Suitable for freezing, sticking and crystallizing cargo.
  • Exchangeable wear parts.
  • Upgrading on-site to higher gas-groups.
  • Non-oscillating (frequency less than 0,5 hz / ISO 15364:2007)
  • Controlled blow-down, securing instant pressure drop to safety level 30% below setting in order to allow loading at a high capacity and at the same time avoiding a boil-off of cargo.

High velocity valves in high quality and at low cost has been the hall-mark of Bay valves since 2007 when we started out as the monopoly breaker. Please use the contact page if you want your fleet to join a steady growing community fitted with this featured valve type.