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    Cargo Tank ventilation experts

    BAY Valves is based in the historic city of Nyborg in Denmark, close to the place of the invention of the High Velocity valve in the year 1971. The area has since then established itself as an expert community and knowledge center within Cargo tank ventilation – especially within the specific field of high velocity valves.

    We are a highly skilled group of engineers with extensive knowledge within fluid dynamic who brings our expertise to high Velocity valves and are continuously striving for excellence – improving on safety, return of investment and functionality.

    Our High Velocity Valve HI Jet ISO II is a state-of-the-art product that it is absolutely non-hammering. The valve opens instantly at set-point, thus ensuring that cargo tank pressure will under no circumstances be higher than the set-point. Further, the valve operates with a cycle from completely closed to fully open to closed again of not less than two seconds. The valve is easily adjusted as valve opening pressure can be changed simply by turning a nut. This can even be done during operation.

    The brand new SuperSat system is a gamechanger that reduce losses due to build-up and venting of volatile organic compound. It reduces the need for venting, saves money and protects the environment and is presented as an answer to increasing demands from governments around the world.

    Other products for the marine and off-shore industry as well as the petro-chemical industry like flame arresters, pressure-vacuum valves, detonation arresters etc. is available from stock built to the same high standards as the rest of our product portfolio.

    Should you wish to locate our visiting address there is an interactive map right below.

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