We are committed to one goal:

To safeguard vessels, cargo and crew from malfunctional valve systems

Before the invention of the high velocity valve, traditional valves, relying solely on weight- or spring-activated technology, flooded the market for decades. As the only available option, companies flocked to them. Many caused substantial Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and other fuel type leakage. Significant environmental pollution and risk to human life became a sobering reality.

We saw these problems — and set out to fix them. In 2006, we founded Bay Valves.

We invent what’s next

Reviving industry safety demands reinvention. A look to the past whilst embracing the future. Uniting old with new. And reinventing Pressure-Vacuum (PV) valve design and functionality.

Where past valve systems used weight activation only, our forward-thinking engineers take weight force and combine it with magnetic Mini-Slip technology — originally patented in 1972 — to eliminate pressure surges and valve hammering and minimise cargo boil-off.

This weight-magnet fusion is our blueprint for present and future valve design, system development and innovation. Our gateway to environmental protection. And our promise to protect you, your company and those you’re responsible for every day.

Søren Bay Jensen, Bay Valves Founder and CEO, says:

We’re driven to uncover the hidden opportunities of tomorrow’s valves. Innovation doesn’t stand still. And it never ends. That’s why we don’t just settle for improving on what’s come before us. We invent what’s next.

Compliance beyond expectations

A valve isn’t just a valve.

It symbolises much-needed industry change. It reminds us to respect the power of shipped fuels. And it helps us recognise the importance of safe and responsible handling of that power. Because if we don’t, our industry fails the planet and the people who live on it.

That’s why we listen to our customers, shape a forward-looking industry and maintain strict regulatory standards – from valve design and manufacturing to testing and installation.

And we do all of this from our home in Nyborg, Denmark, the real birthplace of high-velocity valves and now one of Denmark’s most highly respected tank ventilation knowledge hubs. The perfect environment for us to develop your next specialised valve systems.

We don’t settle for mediocre valves, we don’t accept the current level of cargo tank emissions, and we don’t wait for new regulations to fix it. We need robust, emission and leakage-reducing valve solutions. Ones that improve safety. We need to push the boundaries beyond regulatory expectations.

Søren Bay Jensen

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