High Velocity Valves – the obvious choice

State-of-the-art magnetic system ensures rapid opening to full – equals faster and safer venting with absolutely no hammering.

At Bay Valves, we recommend the use of High Velocity Valves for all cargo types. Bay Valves’ High Velocity Valves open instantly at set-point, thus ensuring that cargo tank pressure will under no circumstances be higher than the set-point. Further, the valves operate with a cycle from completely closed to fully open to closed again of not less than two seconds. Thereby, it becomes possible to safely operate a high-pressure regime such as 20 kPa (required for many types of chemical cargo) on practically all Oil/Product tankers.

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Caught on camera: high velocity valve fighting the flames

Watch the video showing the importance of non-hammering valves during a fire. Independent German Notified body Institut für Sicherheitstechnik puts the Bay Valves High Velocity Valve HI jet ISO to the test.

The valve performs opening and closing according to the international fire testing standard EN 12874 and the latest amendment to ISO 15364:2007. Both require a maximum of 0.5 Hz – equal to a 2 seconds cycle of the valve from closed to open to fully closed again.

Important safety features of the HI JET ISO II valve

The invention in 1971 was what we would now call disruptive. Before that there were no high velocity valves. Cargo tanks carrying flammable liquids were in most cases only protected by filters to stop flames, but these mostly just clogged up and blocked ventilation of the tanks. The invention of the High velocity valve facilitated high venting rates at low pressure drop and most importantly raised safety to a level never seen before. Bay Valves is constantly evolving and improving this groundbreaking design with a focus on safety and loss reduction. The main features of the HI JET ISO II valve are:

  • Safety first characteristic – no pressure surge after opening
  • High closing pressure to minimize cargo boil off
  • Minimize VOC loss during voyage
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High-end features of the High Velocity Vent Valve

The High Velocity Valves are built with safety first characteristic with no pressure surge after opening and no risk of flashback. The high closing pressure to minimizes cargo boil off and by operating at a higher pressure our valves minimize VOC loss during voyage. Specific features are:

  • Mini slip-technology secures close to zero VOC loss.
  • Easy adjustable setting.
  • Integrated gas freeing cover.
  • The industry’s highest constant net clearance between moving parts and valve housing – Suitable for freezing, sticking and crystallizing cargo.
  • Exchangeable wear parts.
  • Upgrading on-site to higher gas-groups.
  • Non-oscillating (frequency less than 0,5 hz / ISO 15364:2007)
  • Controlled blow-down, securing instant pressure drop to safety level 30% below setting in order to allow loading at a high capacity and at the same time avoiding a boil-off of cargo.

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A history of excellence

The magnetic Mini slip-technology was patented in 1972 and was a gamechanger only sold by one company. In the years to follow simpler and cheaper weight activated systems dominated. These are not as reliable or safe. In 2006 Bay Valves took over production of the High Velocity Valves with magnetic Mini slip-technology and has been improving the design ever since.

On its own Bay Valves’ High Velocity Vent Valve is an industry leader in safety and VOC loss prevention. In combination with the SuperSat you get an absolute top of the line system that will protect your vessels and cargo, improve the environment and save money by preventing cargo evaporation even further.

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