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Bay Valves offers a full range of valves and flame arresters. Whether you need pressure-vacuum valves for a single vessel or a fully integrated solution for an entire fleet, we have the equipment you need. Our skilled engineers are ready to assess your needs and offer the right solution.

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The new SuperSat reduces cargo loss due to VOC by keeping the liquid under high pressure. The stable pressure with little fluctuation protects the environment and your bottom line. Combined with our state-of-the-art High Pressure Valves you save money by reducing losses caused by evaporation.

SuperSat is ready for future demands for more environmentally friendly solutions but also turns loss due to evaporation into a gain for your company.

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Advanced valve solutions for a demanding environment

The Bay Valves team of skilled engineers specializing in fluid dynamic are constantly striving for excellence and to improving safety, reducing cargo loss and introducing better functionality. We offer standalone valves, combined solutions based on our selection of advanced valves and we can customize products to suit your company’s specific needs in a demanding environment.
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A leader in safety and waste reduction the Bay Valves High Pressure Valve uses advanced magnetic systems for rapid opening which improves safety and prevents hammering. High pressure reduces VOC development.

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The integral part of an advanced solution to reduce evaporation loss beneficial for the environment and for your bottom line. Reduces cargo loss by VOC containment under constant monitored high pressure.

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P-V Valves

This valve are an established technology for maintaining tank pressure at a suitable level. In the case of pressure drop, the valve will draw air into the tank until the pressure is back at a preset level. In the event of over-pressure, the valve will allow air to escape in a safe manner.

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Main features of the Bay Valves test equipment for High Velocity Valves and PV Valves

  • Crew training and increased awareness of PV valve performance and characteristics
  • Increasing crew’s ability, confidence and familiar handling of PV valves and test equipment
  • Preparing and performing on-site testing in minutes

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Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

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Frequently asked questions

Of course. Our engineers are specialists and together we can find the valve or combination of valves and flame arresters, that best suits your needs. All our products can be customized in collaboration with the customer to ensure the best match between your needs and our range of products. Get in touch and let us talk solutions.

Yes, we have a full range of test and specifications on all our products available. Check out the relevant pages here or contact us and request one of our brochures as well as relevant documentations. You can always contact our valve experts if you have questions about our products or how they best suit your needs.

The High Velocity Valve is certified as a flame arrester, i.e. a device to prevent the passage of flames as specified in IMO MSC/Circ. 677. A P/V valve is a pressure-vacuum safety valve. It is a safety valve that opens within pre-set values of both pressure and vacuum.

Hammering is known to cause flask-back and explosions on tankers. A hammering valve is out of control and cannot keep sufficient velocity on the exit gas to prevent the passage of flames. Due to low manufacturing cost, the weight-loaded high velocity valve became dominant, which is why hammering is prevalent on many vessels.

All makes and sizes of valves can be tested using just one portable test kit. All it requires is compressed working air and thus no EeX-requirement, which means it can be used on the deck. When the valve is pressurized on a dedicated test bench, it will either jump open or pressure reading will just be stable depending on the specific valve design.

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