Flexible solutions for Valve testing

As valve functionality is critical to the safety and environmental performance of an oil or chemical cargo transporting ship, marine valves are subject to strict testing regulation.

As a minimum, both PV valves and high velocity valves will need to be thoroughly tested at each dry-dock visit. Still, this is typically not sufficient. Several national and international schemes are in place, demanding more frequent testing, and often ship operators have their own even stricter guidelines. Industry standards are continuously improved on, and so are the requirements from authorities and charters. Furthermore, there seems to be a clear expectation from the public that environmental issues are handled professionally.

Portable test kit for High Velocity Valves and PV Valves

To accommodate for the extensive demands for valve testing in a truly global industry, Bay Valves has developed a dual set of technologies for the purpose.

When time and circumstances allow for the most thorough testing – for instance during a dry-dock visit – we recommend our Test Benches.

Alternatively, we have developed Bay Valves portable test equipment for both High Velocity Valves and PV valves. The equipment can be used on any vessel for any size valve. It is easy to use after basic training, allowing you to test all valves making sure they are always ready for inspection. Testing has the added benefit of improving crew awareness of valve performance, reducing reliance on manual venting or other procedures that can be costly.



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Main features of the Bay Valves test equipment for High Velocity Valves and PV Valves

  • Crew training and increased awareness of PV valve performance and characteristics
  • Increasing crew’s ability, confidence and familiar handling of PV valves and test equipment
  • Preparing and performing on-site testing in minutes following authority’s requirement for immediate correction
  • Increase vessels overall safety level
  • Meeting or exceeding ISGOTT and IBC Code requirements
  • Vetting carried out by presenting latest test data on PV valves i.e. no rush actions
  • Cost cutting on dry-dockings and intermediate service jobs

On site valve testing for verification and adjustment of valves

The portable Test equipment for High Velocity Valves and PV Valves can be used both in workshops and on-site without dismantling the valves prior to testing.
For workshop testing it comes with a portable adapter plate on which the valves are easily mounted and tested for both pressure- and vacuum setting in one sequence. The key benefits are:

  • In-situ and on deck verification of pressure and vacuum setting.
  • Suitable for all valve sizes
  • Suitable for use in hazardous area
  • Requires only working air
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