Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) needs to comply with IBC code amendment 2020

By January 2021, a revised code for carrying chemical cargo at sea took effect, it opens up for competitive advantages

Brief on the new requirements! Ready to navigate the new IBC Code?

OSV’ carrying Offshore contaminated bulk liquid (OBL)

3 (easy) steps for vessels carrying contaminated Back load according to IBC chapter 17 and classified as both Toxic and flammable.

Quick Introduction

Carriage requirements for “offshore contaminated bulk liquid P” and “offshore contaminated bulk liquid S” are included in Chapter 17 of the IBC Code. These requirements apply to all OSVs that carry backload bulk liquids, cf. Chapter 16 of the Code. and thus P/V valves with a minimum setting of 20.0 kPa .

Step 1.

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Step 2.

Having the preliminary information, we will ask you to fill in a scheme for us to perform a Pressure Drop calculation (PDC), which we will then submit for you to send to Class for approval – see example.

Step 3.

We will submit a technical proposal including the pressure drop calculation which you just have to send to Class for approval.

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The solution

Bay Valves’ High Velocity Valves opens instantly at set-point and thus provides for a cargo tank pressure which under no circumstances are higher than the set-point Thereby, it becomes possible to safely operate a 20 kPa regime on practically all Oil/Product tankers as well.

Strictly using High Velocity valves with a negative pressure drop where the highest tank pressure is equal to the setting will allow vessels with Design pressure as low as 20.0 kPa to comply with IBC 2020 for all cargo types. 

We are happy to advice you on the IBC Code

The exact implications of the new IBC code will always depend on the design and installed equipment of the specific vessel. Bay Valves will be happy to provide a free-of-charge assessment of your vessel. The assessment will consider design pressure, loading rates and VECS – Vapor return system with the purpose of offering a hazzle free and Class approved exchange of the P/V valves.

To get your free-of-charge assessment of your vessel, contact us here.



Who is Bay Valves

First of all is Bay Valves an advanced valve solution for a demanding environment. The Bay Valves team of skilled engineers specializing in fluid dynamic are constantly striving for excellence and to improving safety, reducing cargo loss and introducing better functionality. We offer standalone valves, combined solutions based on our selection of advanced valves and we can customize products to suit your company’s specific needs in a demanding environment.

Read more about Bay Valves here.

High Pressure Valve

A leader in safety and loss reductions the Bay Valves High Pressure Valve uses advanced magnetic systems for rapid opening which improves safety and prevents hammering. High pressure reduces VOC development.

Bay Valve SuperSat

The integral part of an advanced solution to reduce evaporation loss beneficial for the environment and for your bottom line. Reduces cargo loss by VOC containment under constant monitored high pressure.

P/V Valve

The latest generation valves are developed in concordance with all relevant safety regulations and can be built and customized to fit the customer’s specific needs for individual tank or part of common solutions.

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