P/V valves – Increase safety level via Crew awareness & skills

P/V valves and bringing the safety level on tankers to a higher level is continuously on the agenda and the most cost effective way is to increase crew training and awareness via use of the Portable Test Kit which at present are being implemented by fleet owners and managers in a large scale and from all sorts of companies.

Being familiar with, and reaching an in depth understanding of the function and operation of the safety valves has historically been a challenge for both management, crew and authorities, but having the test kit readily available for use everywhere and at any time helps removing false interpretations, myths and misunderstandings and replace it with firm knowledge and instantaneous live presentation when needed.

For ease of use and understanding, we have prepared an instructional video which you can watch in a slightly modified version below.

Added Value on portable test box readily available on tankers

  • Crew training and increased awareness of P/V valve performance and characteristics.
  •  Increasing crew’s ability, confidence and familiar handling of P/V valves and test equipment.
  •  Preparing and performing On-site testing in minutes following authority’s requirement for immediate correction.
  •  Increase vessels overall Safety level
  •  Meeting or exceeding ISGOTT and IBC Code requirements
  •  Vetting carried out by presenting latest test data on P/V valves i.e. no rush actions
  •  Cost cutting on dry-dockings and intermediate service jobs.


Posted by jensen
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